Welcome to Three Mughals

Regional Classics of India

India's cuisine has been influenced greatly by the multitude of invaders throughout the country's history; the Mughals, British, Turks, Persians and Portuguese all left their mark. By adding their own cooking styles and ingredients, they provided a rich diversity, resulting in a unique cuisine. However, what holds this diverse cuisine together is the expert use of aromatic and flavoursome spices. The art of Indian cooking lies in blending these spices so that they are in perfect harmony in each dish.

These dishes we offer on our menu are freshly cooked to your own individual order using fresh spices with no artificial flavourings. Should you have a favourite dish which is not included on our menu please ask our chef as he would be only too pleased to prepare it for you. We are a landmark of Rogerstone, being easily spotted on Pye Corner. We have been in business many years and have thrived due to word of mouth and great recommendations.